1. the exercise of control or influence over someone or something, or the state of being so controlled
In order to make the cut to the .0019% of your company, where the big money is, there needs massive amounts of consistent sick action. Domination of the competition. Whether it is your warm market, cold market, or chicken list there needs to certain actions taken everyday in order to hit your rep recruitment goals (RRG).
  1. Counting the amount of “Yes’s” as well as the amount of “No’s” who give the initial commitment to watch the company presentation.
  2. Asking yourself a series of check questions several times a day to prevent distractions: “What am I creating to avoid the important”
  3. Knowing what to say, when to say it, and the correct tone of voice to use
  4. Keeping the initial exposure to >90 seconds, and break wide fast: 1.) Dial the number. 2.) Ask if they would be open to a side project that would not interfere with what they are doing; **3.) Say, “I’ll tell you what. I am heading into a conference call in a few minutes…”; 4.) Company presentation; 5.) Lock in an appointment several days out – You are a professional MLM physician; 5.) Get off the phone;

*Element taken from individual, group, or affiliation, and re-purposed for this medium.

**Still working this out

***Photo from the Movie Gladiator