Developing habits is a critical step in developing a powerful, and unshakable mindset.

Where do you start? 

Start by noticing the pattern and being conscious of that pattern. For example eating. Most people go through this pattern while not even realizing it could be altered. I have done intermittent fasting as an eating pattern for almost 2 years now. This means deliberately eating at only one specific interval-currently 4-6 hours – throughout the day, then the remaining hours in the day is spent drinking coffee, h2O, or calorie free drinks.

This was a deliberate pattern that I wanted to adapt because I had seen several people do this exact same thing and achieve amazing results physically.

Mirroring this habit along side other successes, taking control of one’s financial pattern is similar. Find a result that you want, and do that exact same thing to achieve it. In Networking this is of up-most importance. In fact without we would not be able to build a team. This is duplication; furthermore, Mirroring is the grammar within a sentience.